Rubino Box

Antepavilion 2017 – Rubino Box

Competition commissioned by the Architecture Foundation to design an
experimental structure to be built at Hoxton Docks, a complex
of artists’ studios on the Regent’s canal in East London.

The live-in studio space unfolds to become an exhibition space/ installation. The fast built, light weight structure is a response to the nature of London living, while its seeming simplicity provides antidote and comment on the visual landscape of the city.

The unfolded cube symbolizes shared experience of the individual as part of a creative community, while closed, the entrepreneurial individual, living in small spaces that act as home and workplace. Inside the surfaces speak of the cool, stark identity of any creative studio in East London. The closed form reminiscent of the cardboard box, hints toward shipping containers found in the area, while also suggestive of the visible homelessness on our London streets.